The Method Of Wearing Chemical Protective Clothing

- May 11, 2018-

Follow these steps to wear protective clothing:

1. The protective clothing must be inspected and air pressure checked, and there are no defects. In addition, protective clothing must be selected according to the purpose.

2. If necessary, apply the anti-fogging agent in the eyepiece of the protective suit according to the suggested instructions.

3. Choose two people "cooperation organization ", that is, when wearing protective clothing, another person helps.

4. Underwear should be worn in protective clothing, at least. Long sleeve shirts and trousers should be worn, or long "underwear" should be considered.

5. Remove personal items that may damage protective clothing, such as pens, badges, jewelry, etc.

6. Take off your shoes (when wearing a protective suit with a long rubber boot), some long rubber boots are not allowed to be worn outdoors.

7. Get the legs into the stocking so that you can easily put on the trousers and rubber boots of the protective suit.

8, if you use a self-contained air breathing apparatus, check and mount the device, complete all join, adjusted in accordance with the requirements of factory, unless the breathing device requirements, do not wear the mask.

9, sitting put two legs in protective clothing. Put both feet in a coat, boots, base cover down above the dress boots. (note: work boots should be bigger than normally wear boots 1 to 2, in this way, there is enough space to protection mainly protective boots in dress boots.)

10. Stand up and tie your belt, if any.

11. Open air supply device, put on the mask, and confirm that the air supply system is working normally.

12. Put the arms and head into the protective clothing, zip up the zipper, then close the zipper cover.

13. Ask the assistant to check whether the zipper and bracelet cover is fully tightened, and whether the mask vision is clear and whether all the air lines are closely connected.

14, protective clothing, whether in the best working condition. Move the arm while wearing protective clothing: airtight protective clothing design make the arm can move flexibly when wearing protective clothing, in the emergency, adjust the built-in air respirator switch and clean the lens is very necessary.

15. The wearer can easily pull the arm out of the sleeve. Hold the glove ring part with the other hand and remove the hand from the glove and protective clothing.

Hold on to your fingers, not your gloves, to prevent them from turning over.