Precautions For Fire Services

- May 11, 2018-

(1) fire protection and protective clothing shall not be in direct contact with fire and melt.

(2) it is necessary to carefully check whether the garment is damaged or not used before using the fire control clothing.

(3) when using, it is necessary to pay attention to that the head cover is closely matched with the mask's mask, and the buckle of the collar and the large white buckle of the chest must be fastened to ensure the airtight neck and chest. The belt must be tightened to reduce the "bellows effect" of movement.

(4) after each use, wash with soapy water or 0.5-1% sodium carbonate solution according to the dirty situation, then rinse with clean water and put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry and then pack.

(5) when folding fire protection clothing, open the head cover to the upper floor. Back to the head, neck strap and two sleeve, then clothing longitudinal fold, or so coincidence, two boots, pointed out the side, put the gloves in the middle, relative rolled into the soles to roll, the transverse chemical protective clothing bags.

(6) the fire protection clothing is strictly prohibited to be exposed to the active chemicals and various oils during the preservation period.