Portable Respirator Wear Mode

- May 11, 2018-

First, keep the mirror clean and clean. When operators need to use positive pressure air breathing apparatus, must pay attention to check the several related part, these a few part includes comprehensive cover lens, we need to keep the lens clean, of course, in addition to not have dust, respirator comprehensive cover also can not be related to pollution, harmful substances including acidity, alkalinity, and oil bigger of the two substances are not on the mirror surface, need to keep the lens clean and clean at any time.

Second, make sure the key valves are flexible. Positive pressure air breathing apparatus, there are two key valve, also is the suction valve and exhalation valve, the two valves directly affect the later use of positive pressure air breathing apparatus, we must ensure that the valve switch is quick. In particular, it is important to note that the link between the valve and the catheter is stable.

Third, about the air tightness test of positive pressure air breathing apparatus, it is a very key aspects, we must ensure the air tightness of positive pressure air breathing apparatus should be in a normal situation, the simple detection method is to open the bottle of head valve, with piping, pressure relief system rise, will hear a short sound from air pressure alarm; After the bottle head valve is fully opened, the pressure inside the cylinder should be within the range of 28 Mpa~30 Mpa.