Analysis Of The Present Situation Of Fire Fighting Clothes

- May 11, 2018-

Firefighting suits have evolved over time. From 2013, the clothes of firefighters can be divided into two categories: one is the upper and the lower, the other is the upper and lower (tops and trousers).

Firefighting suits are important tools used by firefighters to protect the body during fire fighting. Therefore, it must have the following characteristics:

In terms of protection, it is necessary to have fire resistance, heat resistance and heat insulation, and strong toughness to prevent the impact and collision of sharp objects. In addition, there is also the ability to prevent the harmful effects of chemicals on the skin.

To adapt to the changes in the environment such as cold and warm, wind and rain, to maintain energy and energy;

from the working efficiency into consideration, fire suit should be in operation activities room, can choose scalability good material as far as possible, and fabric texture and shape, structure and so on also want serious research.

In terms of safety management and the overall planning of the army, it should be effective to ensure that the firefighting clothes play their due role.

Up and down the busy fire suit advantage is: high safety (including all lower body protection, protective high), easy activities, not easily wet, water proofing property is good, good cold resistance, good function and appearance. The disadvantage is: poor heat dissipation, body heat not easy to discharge, high cost, clothing weight.

The advantages of upper and lower body type firefighting suits are: high heat dissipation, easy to discharge and low cost. The disadvantage is: poor security, inactivity, clothing weight.