Types of insulation Clothing

- May 11, 2018-

Type Ⅰ Life-saving Clothing 

Conforms to the SOLAS Convention, the IMO specification request, has the water tightness, the buoyancy and the natural insulation function, has the whistle flute and the life vest lamp, does not need to wear the life vest. It connects the underwear to protect the entire body from the face, and applies to ships, oil platforms and other marine works.

The product by the China Classification Society (or other national classification society and other relevant qualification units) type of recognition and inspection.

Type II Lifesaving clothing 

Compliant with IMO LSA and MSC81. (70) requirements (in accordance with the rules of the IMO LSA, MSC81. 70)). A buoyancy-insulated immersion insulation suit without wearing a life jacket. With whistle flute and life jacket lamp. Fabric using high quality neoprene (NEOPRENE) composite material. With waterproof, thermal insulation, temperature resistance, flame retardant, oil resistance and the required strength, multi-layer composite, non-toxic, no irritant odor, will not be affected by sea air, seawater, fresh water, oil and fungi and the use of. The product is approved and inspected by the classification Society of China.