Maintenance of insulation clothing and precautions

- May 11, 2018-

1. This product is stored in low-temperature, ventilated, dry environment, is strictly prohibited in high-temperature environment or long-term exposure, to avoid contact with corrosive chemical agents such as acid and alkali salts;

2. In the storage and application process should avoid contact with sharp objects or friction, in case of piercing or grinding the waterproof layer and impact waterproof effect; pay attention to rodents.

3. Apply to finish, in time the garment inside the layer out, put in the dry ventilated place, dry accumulate in the internal moisture, if need to clean, with neutral detergent and soft brush.

4. The save process can not open life vest light switch, can only be opened when needed, otherwise it will damage life vest lights, or consumption of lithium battery power. 5. Regular inspection of clothing, such as the discovery of damage, leakage phenomenon should be repaired in time.